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Thinking emotionally, there might be some guilt for harming the lives of animals, but thinking about how many human lives have been saved from animal testing makes all animal testing worth it.Additionally, animals may not have the exact same psychology as humans, but animal testing is accurate enough to test whether a substance is safe enough for human trials (Gerty).Adding to their woes is the fact that no organization keeps a track of these animals.

New medications and other products are tested on lab animals to be sure they will not cause problems in humans.Australian Government 2004, Australian code of practice for the care and use of.

Areas of Science that Use Animals. more about the use of animals in: Research: Animals are used in basic and.The animals used for testing are excellent tools of studying human ailments.

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Research perpetrates horrible acts on animals under the auspices of science.Under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the primary federal agency that conducts and supports medical.While the use of animals in research will continue to incite controversy, as long as both sides remain open,.

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If the practice is discontinued, the medicines, which are tested on these animals at present, will have to be tested on humans and that can have grave repercussions.

Using animals as experiments helps develop different treatments and also helps find safer ways for treatments.These people also argue that the practice is unnecessary, now that several alternatives to it are readily available.Drug B and C killed two kind of them and drug D was taken by all the animals up to huge doses with no ill effect.One of the questions facing society today is whether animals should be used in scientific experimentation.

It will argue that animal testing has more positives than negatives.On moral grounds, it is not at all right to mistreat animals for our selfish gains.

Lastly animal testing is a legal requirement to test pharmaceutical drugs on animals before the drugs are distributed to the public for use.Even more grievous is the fact that these animals are bred specifically for the purpose of testing.For example, the laws of human provide us a guarantee that every person has the right of not being hurt.There is much evidence that people know about themselves, including pain and stress.Appalling Facts About Animal Testing That Will Certainly Shock You.By animal testing scientist and doctors can understand the growth of species and figure out possible effects that can rise in the future. The U.S. foundation of biomedical research says animal research has played a vital role in virtually every major medical advance of last century for both animals and humans.Should Animals Be Used for. methods and are a waste of government research money.

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Animals share the same disease as humans, like cancer, high blood pressure, epilepsy, asthma and many other common diseases.In this spotlight feature, we look at the history of animal-to-human transplant experiments, where the research is currently at, and investigate the arguments for and.

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