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I hope that this issue can bring your urgent attention and I look forward to receiving your response.All the necessary points of the topic are covered to produce the.

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Firstly, development of new towns in countryside will help people to stop migrating towards the city.Hi, can anybody please check my letter writing, I am sitting for IELTS test and need to get comment about my writing so I can improve it.

Treat placed her attempts to keep check of to see multiple authors.Hi Jass I have written some of my views regarding your question.I am writing to express my dissatisfaction on the current train service on our area.Also, buses should be run more regularly to cater to the needs of the public.They should learn the basic skills related to public relationship, as well as punctuality.To sum up, after going through some of the issues I found its a good idea to develop a new town in country side rather than building more houses in city.Due to this the residents are facing commuting problem to the central market for their daily need.Sometimes, passengers do not able to use the seats as empty bottles and wastage from formal commuters are not cleaned.

The other change could be cleaning of the bus during twice a day.We at ensure that we deliver 100% original college.Previously, it was working fine but from last few months many more stops have been included in this route so lot more passengers are using this service now a day which ultimately makes your service unreliable.We at know how hard a student has to work, to be.Furthermore, additional carriages are also needed to increase space.From What I think its better to discuss both sides with opinion for either side.

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Good education helps them to get better jobs and better jobs means the lifestyle will be uplifted.I look forward to hearing from you whether you will be able to solve the above problem.Your Letter seems to be more friendly and did not look like formal letter.At worst, people have to flag down a taxi, which is expensive option for normal public.In addition to that, during weekdays trains are congested and people are uncomfortable.So, if they get started here then definitely, there will be employment opportunity arises.

I am writing to express my concerns with regard to some public transport issues in my area.That day I have been waitting for the bus long time but there is no bus.In addition to this you made a couple of grammar mistakes and the style of your writing also not suit the letter one.

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It would be great if this problem will soon be address properly and accordingly.

There is some good use of vocabulary in the letters, try fixing the basics, and your scores will improve.First of all, there is only one mode of transport to travel to Dubai that is public buses.

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Is it a best way to build them on existing cities or develop new towns in country side.

I am impressed with your command over English, could you please check my letter I have posted in the beginning.Further buses only stop at bus stop point that are few in number and people have been suffering to bus stop.I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with regard to problems of delay and overcrowd of your trains.The another reason for a compliant is that almost every buses look messy and dirty.Thesis on metro bus service, personal statement essay for medical school, essay writing in hindi, writing essay drunk, vba homework help, essay help cheap essay writing.For example, good access of public transport, high-speed Internet service and security are some of the issues which business house would like to consider.Every weekdays, the city buses used to come on time and they were providing the service every fifteen minutes.

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The unreliability of train schedule resulted to delayed and late travel time for the passengers.COMPLAINT LETTER ABOUT BUS SERVICE ESSAY, will writing service online, apa 6th edition reference list alphabetical order, doing your masters dissertation from start.

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At the same time, more carriages are also needed to increase space.For one or two days the bus have not come on time that is why people paused a lot of trouble.